Analytic model management

Analytic and model management made simple with ModSpace

ModSpace helps you streamline statistical research and analysis, promote collaboration, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Developed with the needs of cross functional teams of data scientists, modellers, statisticians, programmers and analysts in mind, ModSpace is a repository that is perfect for teams – whether you’re working across different departments, offices
or countries.

Why use ModSpace?

Store all your project work

ModSpace provides a repository that allows you to store and reuse all your project work, from R, Python, SAS, and S-PLUS scripts and datasets to MS Office documents. Information is stored safely in the repository and is only accessible to users or teams who are given access all backed up by version control for ease of auditing.

Simple version control

ModSpace supports both Subversion and Git version control systems – allowing developers to work efficiently with their favourite tools, but providing an easy interface for staff who don’t want to install a dedicated client.

Finding files made easy

ModSpace understands your code and can automatically extract important metadata from the scripts, such as packages used and function names. Users can also describe their projects and documents manually, adding keywords and categories. These terms are coupled with a powerful search engine, helping users find valuable resources efficiently, saving time by cutting down on duplication of effort.

Perfect for collaboration

ModSpace helps collaboration by promoting project visibility, with easy version control and peer reviews. Users work in teams and are provided with news feeds to help them keep up-to-date on developments within the group. They can also join in discussions and work together on studies with both internal and external users.

Traceability and transparency (compliance)

All actions within ModSpace, whether they are changes to code, projects or teams, are captured in a full audit trail, providing full traceability, including who had access to the project. Use metadata to track project status, monitor progress and create dashboards.


ModSpace integrates with data analysis and modelling tools, such as R, SAS, Python and NONMEM. Develop your code, and store it directly in ModSpace, streamlining your workflow.

ModSpace is already being used by major pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, the transport sector, financial institutions and media companies globally.

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