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Package Validation

For highly regulated businesses and those with stringent IT requirements, our ValidR product provides a controlled version of R. This allows your company to use open source without the risk.

Data Science Consulting

Our experienced team of Data Scientists can offer strategic consulting and advice to support your organisation in becoming data-driven. We help you sift through the hype to develop a strategy that align with your business goals.

R Services

As a highly extensible and powerful language, R offers. At Mango, we’re passionate about R and offer a range of services, including R Training and R Consulting.

Analytic and Modelling Management

ModSpace is a modern web-based application used to manage knowledge. It provides a collaborative working environment backed by version control. It encourages best practices and standardisation across projects, yet is fully configurable to fit your working practices.

PK/PD Workbench

Navigator Workbench provides organisations with a powerful, validated platform for all PK/PD model development, execution, analysis and reporting needs. It integrates closely with our ModSpace application to provide modellers with a complete Modelling and Simulation Workbench.

Mango Solutions have been empowering organisations to make informed decisions using data science and advanced analytics since 2002.
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