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Production deployment | RStudio

The R language is a vital tool for data science, providing a wealth of analytic capabilities. As an open source technology, the implementation of R in a production setting for commercial use requires careful thought. Our approach in this area is to analyse requirements and generate recommendations before implementing the R environment.

RStudio provides statisticians and data scientists with an open-source infrastructure and professional tools to develop and deploy sophisticated data models at scale. Working together for some of the world’s largest companies, RStudio and Mango Solutions are committed to supporting the growth and adoption of R for advanced analytics.

  • RStudio’s Server Pro is the premier Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R
  • RStudio Connect enables push button deployment of R projects into production and fosters collaboration between the business and analytic teams to deliver the productivity, security, centralised management, metrics, and commercial support essential for scalable data science teams
  • As part of RStudio’s partnership network, Mango Solutions has a wealth and depth of expertise coupled with the practical experience to successfully scale R in production
  • We are thereby able to streamline the development environment and ensure effective adoption by data science teams

As an RStudio Full Service Certified partner, we support the implementation of RStudio tools, best practices for package management and the creation of an R operating model. We can also provide support services for production R environments and help customers succeed with R and RStudio.

Change management | Nine Feet Tall

Nine Feet Tall is a consultancy specialising in delivering complex IT projects. Sharing Mango’s philosophy, their open pragmatic approach to business ensures widespread, lasting change and adoption.

Nine Feet Tall supports business transformation, incubation and innovation, portfolio & programme planning and assurance, project/programme delivery, acceleration and recovery, portfolio management, change management and process optimisation.

The consultancy shares our belief that cultural shift is essential to support lasting change and become truly data-driven. We can help a client build the best recommendation engine in the world, for example, but if the call centre team doesn’t use it for some reason, then our client won’t see the return from that investment.

  • Our partnership with Nine Feet Tall is the ‘glue’ that makes improvements really stick
  • In each engagement, we upskill, transfer knowledge and ensure adoption
  • We leave our clients with an independent and growing capability

Nine Feet Tall’s change management, project delivery expertise and flexible approach – combined with Mango Solutions joint focus on cultural change – enables us to create a tailored service that delivers maximum value.

Clinical Trial Technology Consulting | d-wise

d-wise logo

Leaders in clinical analysis innovation, enterprise pharmaceutical, and biotech companies trust d-wise when navigating technology change.   d-wise provides clients both strategy and services that leverage open source and cloud adoption for biostatistics and statistical programming. With domain expertise in R&D product development, IT systems architecture, and change management, d-wise for nearly two decades has been the preferred advisor and implementation partner of clinical analytics environments.

d-wise shares our belief that the task of modernising existing systems need not be complex. Accelerating clinical trials requires an automated, validated, and scalable system. As a data science and data engineering consultancy with open source expertise and the ability to validate open source technologies, our combined expertise facilitates the modernization of the clinical trial process, enabling faster more informed decisions and reducing the time-to-value for life changing drug pipelines for global pharmaceutical organisations.

Our partnership helps to:

  • Streamline data and modern visualisation tools for quick and insightful decision making
  • Transition from expensive legacy technology to a broader spectrum of modern analytical practices
  • Empower businesses to recruit and build a lasting capability around modern analytic application development
  • Adopt the latest best practice approach for repeatable model building within regulated GXP environments

AI Consultancy | Datatrainer


Datatrainer is a specialist AI Consultancy working with organisations to help them understand the potential opportunities that Data Science and Artificial Intelligence can bring and where it can, add value and drive efficiencies across the business infrastructure.

Aligned to Mango’s philosophy of accelerating adoption of advanced data science solutions through enhanced knowledge, Datatrainer delivers Mango’s wide portfolio of business leader mentoring workshops and enabling practitioner courses amongst its client portfolio.

With an additional endorsement from the Local Enterprise Partnership, Datatrainer makes these courses more widely available to help reduce the complexity of advanced analytics and increase knowledge, creating business opportunity in the form of competitive advantage and innovation.

End-to-end data and analytics strategies | Kinaesis

Kinaesis specialises in applying DataOps within the financial services sector to achieve compliance, cost savings and revenue growth – offering a powerful toolkit for creating data-driven business change impacting people, processes and technology. Kinaesis helps businesses to manage the entire data pipeline, from requirements and vision through to the advanced analytics.

While financial services businesses increasingly aspire to become data-driven and to formulate a compliant data strategy, they often encounter a few challenges.

Firstly, many businesses have rich data sets but they do not know how to unlock the potential of the data to inform strategic decisions. Secondly, plug and play AL/ML solutions do not extract the true value of data without the advanced analytic skills of data scientists (which are hard to find). And finally, legacy systems and infrastructure require major overhaul to ensure they are fit for purpose and can extract value from the data.

Working together, Kinaesis and Mango Solutions can solve these challenges. We can deliver sustainable and seamless integration of data science, AI/ML, data engineering and governance to deliver data-driven value from end-to-end, ensuring:

  • Your data and data infrastructure is aligned to needs of data scientists, so they can maximise their modelling expertise to leverage the most value from your data
  • Your data governance solution meets compliance and regulatory requirements

Ultimately this reduces time to value, through reduction in development cycles and the cost and complexity associated with a data strategy transformation.


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