International Women's Day
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On International Women’s Day, we’d like to celebrate the achievement of our own talent, raise awareness against bias and take positive action for equality. At Mango we believe in creating inclusive and diverse workplaces. A workplace that offers challenges and an active learning environment.

Kasia Kulma, one of Mango’s Senior Data Scientist’s, reinforces the many benefits that diversity brings to the workplace, her opinions are shared and published in Diversity Q, FE News and Education Technology.

According to Kasia, “parity in tech companies can be hugely beneficial to the industry as a whole be it in respect to gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or other. Some of them are rather pragmatic, for example, by embracing a more diverse talent pool we can address talent shortages and progress to closing the talent supply/demand gap. More fundamentally, though, diversity brings a variety of perspectives which has a knock-on effect in increased creativity and thus faster problem solving and improved products. The company culture can, benefit significantly too. By helping employees feel included, no matter their background or gender, it can break down barriers and reduce the fear of being rejected”.

“This is a great way to empower your employees”, says Kasia and “harness their ideas and thoughts and attract talent”.

Closing the diversity gap

When you increase the investment in training for women to fill the corporate need, we believe it goes a long way to the overall goal of closing the gap once and for all.

According to Kasia, “the tech industry is very dynamic and it could offer the most creative and stimulating of environments. It gives you the flexibility to work cross-industry or to specialise in one area if you like. You could work on the bleeding edge of innovation and devote your time and career to something you really care about.”

“The most important advice I could give to an aspiring women technologist would be to look for employers that offer a supportive environment and embrace diversity – this way you’ll be more likely to spread your wings and learn. There are more and more tech companies that understand the importance and value that the workplace diversity brings, so join them… and enjoy the ride!”

Happy International Women’s Day!

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