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Abstract submissions for the Enterprise Applications of the R  Language Conference are now open! Whether we hold the conference in-person on or online the conference dates will be 7th-9th September 2021.

If you’re considering submitting an abstract and need a little more persuading, let us give you eight reasons why you should apply to present:

  1. Networking – EARL attracts over 300 delegates from a huge range of industries. We make sure to provide plenty of opportunities for you to connect with your fellow R users. If that sounds daunting – don’t worry – plenty of delegates attend solo and we are delighted that EARL attracts such a welcoming and friendly crowd. As a speaker, networking will be easier as people will recognise you and have plenty of questions about your session. If EARL is online again this year, we will put in more opportunities to chat and connect with the other attendees.
  2. Increase your professional experience – many of our selected speakers have only presented a handful of times, and some never. If you have been aiming to increase your presenting experience, then EARL is the perfect place. Our audiences are both appreciative and attentive and always have questions to ask – and it’s a great experience to add to your CV.
  3. Help Others  – the R community is well known for being wonderfully inclusive, supportive and generous. So it’s nice to be able to contribute and help others. Presenting on your challenges and your solutions will definitely help others, even if they work in completely different industries.
  4. Refine your ideas– as we all know, projects don’t always go to plan, by sharing your commercial usage of R you might get advice or tips from the audience to take away.
  5. Promote you – as a speaker you will get 30 minutes to share your work. EARL can give you a platform to share what you do with people from different industries and varying sizes of company.
  6. Free Ticket – as a selected speaker you will get a free ticket for the day of your presentation along with a free ticket for our Wednesday night conference networking event*.
  7. Be the best boss – If you head up a team and encourage a team member to submit a talk, they will enjoy a great conference and return with a sense of pride at having shared your team’s work and inspired by all that they’ve learned.
  8. Have fun! Sharing your passion for R with a room (or online platform!) full of like-minded people makes for a great environment; by sharing what you know you will be starting plenty of conversations. The networking events are a great place to celebrate your presentation and have a good time!

We hope you consider applying to present at this year’s EARL – we look forward to receiving your abstract. On the abstract form, you will be asked whether you can present in-person in London or just online.

You have until 31st March 2021, please apply here.


*The free conference networking event ticket is for speakers accepted for a full 30 min presentation slot. Lightning talk speakers will receive a ticket for the conference day of their presentation only. If the event needs to move online speakers will receive a free ticket to their presentation day and a heavily discounted ticket to the second day.

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On Thursday 21st January rstudio::global kicked off a 24-hour long virtual data science conference. Over 16,000 people registered to join what was sure to be one of the highlights of the data science calendar in 2021.

As a RStudio Full Certified Partner, Mango were proud to be a sponsor of the conference and enjoyed talking to attendees in our sponsorship gallery. If you would like to hear the highlights, please register to join the next LondonR – where Rachael Dempsey from RStudio will be re-capping the conference on 2nd February.

Conference highlights and themes

rstudio::global opened with a keynote from their Chief Scientist, Hadley Wickham. Hadley shared with the audience how the tidyverse has evolved, the project’s greatest successes and how the team learnt from failures. He also discussed how the thought processes of CBT have helped him be more productive – something which resonated with the audience, with many people sharing on social how much they related to these kinds of thoughts.



Most importantly, during the Q&A section, Hadley revealed it takes him 20-30 minutes to perfect his famous bowtie!

Fellow keynote speaker John Burn-Murdoch is a senior data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times. Whilst already well known to the EARL Conference audiences from his past presentations at our London conference, John’s fame spread has worldwide as a result of his influential charts visualising the spread of COVID-19. His graphs had to communicate complicated and evolving data to a mass audience and John spoke about what he had learned along the way. His number one point was that text is critical.  In studies showing where viewer’s eyes tracked to when faced with a chart, the first and most important place was the title. “Text is critical” he said, “words feature predominantly so text and annotation add enormous value, particularly to ‘non chart’ people”. The theme of storytelling was also important as readers want to be able to see and understand the story and animation can help this process. A further key take away was not to “publish and vanish” but to stick around and interact with viewers. John noted that feedback on his charts via Twitter was enormously helpful as was using this medium to be able to debate and discuss his approach and methodology. It was important to remember, he said, not to be “too smart” and that charts need to be “accessible” for people not familiar with viewing charts. John noted that there were plenty of resources available to the dataviz community around creating charts, but little around communicating the message.  This was a thoroughly engaging talk with lots of useful tips for anyone who creates charts to visualise their data.

A popular theme of the conference was the pairing of R and Python. Sean Lopp’s talk ‘R & Python: Going Steady’, aimed to debunk the myth that your team can only use one tool and inform data scientists how they can use both languages successfully.

“Optimise for people, not for tools” – Sean Lopp

Data for good was another theme that stood out at rstudio::global. The virtual nature of the conference meant that speakers could present from across the globe, one such speaker was Shelmith Kariuki based in Nairobi, Kenya. Shelmith is currently working as a Data Analytics Consultant with UN DESA and her talk covered the ‘rKeynaCensus’ package, which contains the results of the 2019 Keyan population census – the first paperless census to be conducted in Kenya.

If you enjoyed rstudio::global along with the other 16,000+ attendees, then join our next LondonR session where we will share further highlights.

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In 2020 LondonR moved online and whilst we have missed the opportunity to connect face-to-face over a few drinks, it has been great to keep in touch with the R stats community virtually.

The move to online meetups has enabled us to make LondonR more accessible – something we will take forward with us when we move back to in-person meetups – and so we will be streaming and recording all our future live events. If you would like to catch up on 2020’s LondonR’s, you can find the recordings here.

We are starting our 2021 meetups with a bang! Faris Najo from Tercen will be presenting a talk entitled ‘Empower the Biologist and liberate the Bioinformatician’. Faris will discuss and demonstrate how to “empower” the Biologist and “liberate” the bioinformatician for data analysis using a platform called Tercen. Tercen aims to liberate bioinformaticians by removing them from the operational support and allowing them to concentrate on the algorithmic fundamentals of R packages.

Next on the agenda, we have Jonathan Ng, who will be taking advantage of the remote side of LondonR and will be joining us live from New Zealand -Jonathan may be familiar to the LondonR crowd as he has previously presented at our annual EARL Conference. Jonathan will be sharing career and business tips for data scientists, including advice on ‘how to get paid more working on more meaningful and enjoyable work while creating happier clients’, which we are sure will be an interesting topic to most of the data scientists joining us on the 2nd Feb.

Finally, we will be joined by another far-flung guest, this time from America – Rachael Dempsey. Rachael is from the RStudio team and will be sharing highlights from the recent Rstudio::global conference, a 24-hour event which took place on 21st January – so there are sure to be plenty of highlights to cover.

LondonR is open to all, so if you’re new to R and want to get to know the community (which is incredibly friendly) then please join us on Tuesday 2nd February at 5pm GMT. It’s free to join – please register here for a ticket.



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We’re delighted to be sponsoring the rstudio::global conference this year. It’s a credit to the community that such events (including our own flagship EARL conference) have been so readily able to respond to the pandemic lockdown and transform to a fully virtual presence, providing inspirational talks on all things R. 

We are excited to see John Burn-Murdoch, senior data visualisation journalist at the Financial Times amongst the keynotes.  John led the FT’s data-driven coverage of the pandemic, amassing an enormous following on social media for his incisive reporting.  It will be fascinating to hear the lessons he has learned from his reporting and visualisations and how he addressed the challenges of communicating often complex findings to the population at large. It was our pleasure to have had John speak at the EARL conference in both 2014 and 2016 – so we know that the rstudio::global audience can expect a riveting presentation. 

With a packed itinerary and 24-hour streaming for accessibility all over the world, there will be some extremely useful presentations and stimulating conversations to be had for the 10,000 expected data professionals.  

As a sponsor of this event and as RStudio’s longest serving Full Service Certified Partner, we would like this opportunity to invite attendees to meet us in our virtual booth. Whether you are scaling the use of R in your organisation and require technical advice on setup or configuration, lacking internal IT to support the required maintenance of RStudio products or have reservations around the validation of open-source packages from a security or malware perspective, we can help.   

Some of the services that we offer include: 

  • A Managed Service providing a scalable RStudio environment which can be effectively built up, run in the cloud and fully maintained by Mango, to minimise the responsibility and burden on your inhouse IT teams. 
  • An On-Premise solution designed to address current in-house service gaps; following an Installation, Accelerate and Healthcheck review, this service offers the full installation, configuration and maintenance of RStudio products. 
  • A new validation service through ValidR® presents a validated collection of the 150 most popular industry leading R packages, such as those within the tidyverse and can be deployed with RStudio Package Manager (RSPM) to mitigate any uncertainty of using opensource software, with guaranteed reproducibility for any data science team. 

We’re very much looking forward to seeing you at the event on 21st January – don’t forget to sign up for this event now if you haven’t already. 

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