1 Year as Ascent

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2021 has been a year of inspiring and enabling businesses to be more digitally strong and data-driven. Following our acquisition by Ascent in November 2020, we’ve been able to support customers with integrated software and data capabilities, at a time when many European businesses have had to pivot to stay relevant in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Mango’s data science proposition is now fully embedded at the heart of Ascent, enabling our customers to build more intelligent, efficient and engaging organisations and create sustained competitive advantage. We’re focused on helping customers embrace digital transformation, enhance their digital capabilities and leverage opportunities at the intersection of data, software and platform.

Looking ahead to 2022, the new shape of our business will allow us to continue to deliver value to more and more organisations who are balancing purpose and profit.

Impact – Access to new talent communities and a wider geographical reach.

We’re now part of a 400+ strong team that’s growing – fast – in a vibrant market. Ascent’s HQ is in London, with a data science community located in the South West, specialist engineering hubs in Malta, Bulgaria and Spain, and smaller local teams in 14 countries worldwide.

Impact – End to end approach: data, software and platform

We are now able to offer end-to-end solutions to our customers. From the development of software systems, products and applications to data platforms, engineering, consulting and advanced analytic solutions we now deliver a greater breadth and depth of linked capabilities. You can find out more about this approach here.

Impact – A new consulting & strategy team

This year we have built a phenomenal data consultancy team at the heart of Ascent. We’ve recruited some of Europe’s sharpest data minds into the team, using this talent to help our customers transform their organisations. We’ve worked with customers on data literacy programmes and right-sized data strategies that guide investment, drive value and underscore future commercial success. And once we’ve explored the strategic challenge, we can support customers with the execution experience and skills to get it right first time.

2022 in data is set to be an exciting year, as companies continue to understand the value data science offers in making their organisations smarter and more agile – and therefore more resilient in the face of change. The world has shifted, and companies who kept the pedal down on data and analytics and invested in AI and machine learning to support their data-driven business model will emerge as leaner, smarter, more engaging businesses.