Training Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the testimonials below from a number of our clients and discover why training with Mango Solutions  is the right move to make.

Feedback from private and public R Training Courses 2015-2016.

“It was one of the most effective training courses I have been on, totally hands-on.”

“Instructor’s trainee engagement skills were superlative. I was able to concentrate every single minute of the course as it was well paced, hands-on and very clear to understand.”

“A brilliant introduction to R, can’t wait to use the skills I’ve learned!”

“Good course. Excellent trainer! Able to adapt the course to meet our needs (more data transformation), talk more widely around the technology and maintained the right level for the course throughout which is rare. Much better than many similar SAS courses that I have attended previously, entirely down to the quality of the teacher.”

“I already had a brief understanding of R, but this course really helped to bridge some gaps.”

“Recommended for price and content.”

“Attending the training course has taken 6 months off of my R learning curve. Location, course materials and lecturers could not be faulted. Based on this experience I would recommend Mango Solutions to peers.”

“As a general introduction to R, it did exactly that, and showed areas of opportunity to utilise it in the business environment.”

“Best classroom based course I ever attended”

“A high quality introductory course covering the fundamentals of R programming.”

“Thank you very much to the instructor – this course was brilliant and exactly what I needed to allow me to use R for my work.”

“When I asked questions, the trainer was able to provide extra material and provide examples. Eg. The pipe operator. We had some spare time and the trainer showed us some extra features.”

“I would really recommend Mango Solutions.”

“The presenter was very helpful and encouraging. She always made sure you understood each step and was very helpful if you did not.”

“Well structured, good pace, suitable level considering I had no experience in R or programming languages”

“Instructor was excellent. Genuinely wanted the group to get as much out of the couple of days as possible.”

“Thanks for a very useful course, which was much better than other R training I have had.

“Brilliant. Gave an amazing overview with great amount of technical detail and practicals.”

“The trainer was always striving to ensure people were not left behind in their learning”

What did you like best about this course?

“That a lot was packed in to 2 days and there are terrific resources to fall back on in the form of the books.”

“The course being hands-on. trying to write the script on my own was extremely helpful.”

“From zero baseline, I felt I gained a good grasp of the basics of R”

“I think the pace was just right. Not overwhelmed with exercises but also not bored by lots of passive presentation listening”

“The material was at an ideal level and almost everything we learned was new and interesting in some way. I even learned things about tools I was already very comfortable with.”

“The chapters were the just the right length. Exercises were also well chosen to get people to try things out with enough time to get a feel for the new functions.”

“I liked how the course was very structured and predictable– concrete units, lecture/demonstration + exercise. The exercises and the interactivity really broke up the day”

 “Getting to know R packages, having a knowledgeable and approachable instructor.”

“Good mix of exercises to practice.”

“good mix of teaching and practical elements”

“Course instructor was open to specific questions about R outside course content

“Well paced. Good amount of exercises to practice. Tutors were knowledgeable and good at answering questions.”

“Getting hands on experience in being able to produce more interesting data visualiastion.”

“Provided a solid and broad overview for beginners.”

“The presentation of the material was from a practical standpoint. I learn best when I can write the code and try out the examples at the same time as the instructor is discussing.

“It was a very well taught course and everything was very well explained.”

“The presenter did an amazing job to illustrate how R can be used effectively within the business.”

 “I have used R before but it felt like it plugged in the gaps in my knowledge”