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Mango Solutions has been delivering R software training courses since 2002 to companies and institutions throughout the world.  We offer both public and private R programming courses for beginners through to advanced users.   All our R courses can be delivered privately to companies or institutions and can be customized or adapted as required.   If you need to learn R programming then speak to us about your requirements.  Email training@mango-solutions.com

We provide a hands-on R training experience with exercises throughout and all course participants receive very comprehensive course notes and materials as well as free post course support.

Read what our past training customers have said about us in our Training Testimonials.

Here are a  list of our current courses with dates for the public R courses:

Introduction to R Programming, 2 day

Aimed at complete beginners this R course is intended to introduce, over 2 days, the basics of the R language from data objects to functions and graphics. By the end of this course participants will have the tools available to use R independently and be at the level required for any of Mangos intermediate level R courses. This course is suitable for complete beginners and no prior R programming knowledge is assumed.

Next course dates:

12th-13th July 2017 – Manchester

30th -31st August 2017 – London

17th-18th October 2017 – London

5th-6th December 2017 – London


Introduction to R for Analytics – Beginners, 2 day

Aimed at data analysts who want to enhance their skills by implementing analytics in R. This 2 day course is designed to introduce the aspects of R required for data manipulation and visualisation and the basics of analytics. The focus of this course is on implementation as opposed to a thorough introduction to the language. This course is suitable for beginners. No prior R programming knowledge is assumed.

Next course dates:

23rd-24th May 2017 – London

4th-5th July 2017 – London

27th-28th September 2017- London

3rd-4th October 2017 – Manchester

7th-8th November 2017 – London

Programming in R for Analysts – 1 day (R for Analytics follow-on)

This course is designed for those who have attended the Introduction to R for Analytics and want to take R further. This course is designed to introduce the details of the R language from the use of square brackets and dollar signs to writing your own functions.

Next course dates:

14th June 2017 – London

25th October 2017 – London


R for Pharmacometrics – Beginners/Intermediate, 2 day

The workshop provides a practical introduction to the R environment and will enable delegates to achieve confidence and proficiency in R with specific reference to Pharmacometric modelling.

This training is designed to review the basic concepts of the R language, before moving onto more Pharmacometric based topics (such as producing typical pk graphics, fitting mixed effects models, interacting with NONMEM and performing simulation-based analyses).  This will be a hands-on course, with theory backed up by relevant worked exercises and examples. NB: some basic experience of the R language is strongly recommended for this workshop.

Mango Solutions have been training Pharmacometricians in R since 2002 and our courses are consistently rated as Excellent.

Next course dates:

5th-6th June 2017 – Budapest, Hungary

1st-2nd November 2017 – US



Data Manipulation in R – Intermediate, 1 day
One of the key features of R is the ability to manipulate data for visualisation and analysis purposes. This one day course for those already familiar with the basics of R is designed to introduce a number of the tools available for data manipulation and aggregation and packages such as Hadley Wickham’s dplyr, tidyr and plyr

Next course dates:

18th July 2017- London

15th November 2017 – London


Data Visualisation in R – Intermediate, 1 day

R has always been known for the strength of its visualisation tools. This one day course aimed at those familiar with the basics of R will introduce some of the packages available for generating a range of graphics in R from ggplot2 to ggvis. Participants will leave this course with an understanding of what tools are available in R for creating a range of graphics.

Next course dates:

19th July 2017 – London

16th November 2017 – London


Network Analysis – Intermediate, 2 days
A practical introduction to network analysis in R.  The approach of this course is to teach the fundamentals of network theory alongside application using the igraph and statnet packages in R.  Topics covered include visualisation, community detection, inference and much more.

Next date:

28th-29th November 2017 – London



Clinical Trial Simulations in R – Intermediate, 1 day
A one day course aimed at introducing how simulation can be performed in R.  With a focus on Clinical Trial Simulation, this course will introduce simulation from scratch and work through the tools available to simplify common simulation tasks.

Next date:

20th September 2017 – Europe



Clinical Trial Graphics in ggplot2 – Intermediate, 1 day
This one day course is designed to introduce, to those already familiar with the basics of R, the ggplot2 package for visualisation. This course also includes the basics of getting data into the right format for plotting with ggplot2.

Next date:

21st September 2017 – Europe


Getting Started with Shiny – Intermediate, 1 day

This one day course aims to get attendees started with the Shiny web framework. Course attendees will see how to create simple applications, how they can incorporate interactive components, control the layout of the application and see how Shiny elements can be incorporated into documents. This course is aimed at those with a basic understanding of the R language. Attendance of Mango’s Introduction to R course or similar is recommended.

Next course dates:

15th June 2017 – London FULL

26th October 2017 – London


Advanced Shiny – 1 day (intermediate R & shiny)

This one day course is designed to take users beyond the basics of shiny to being able to write much more effective applications. This one day course will take users through reactivity and shiny modules for compartmentalised applications as well as covering debugging and profiling of applications. It will be expected that all users are familiar with and comfortable writing shiny applications.

Next Course Dates:

26th July 2017 – London

10th October 2017 – London

12th December 2017 – Manchester


Advanced R Programming – Advanced, 1 day

This course will cover advanced R programming concepts including classes and advanced function writing

Next course dates:

11th May 2017 – London

12th October 2017 – London


Building R Packages– Advanced, 1 day

This course is designed to introduce attendees to building packages in R using the package devtools. The course will cover building a basic package, documenting and testing code and incorporating user guides (vignettes).

Next course dates:

10th May 2017 – London

27th July 2017- London

11th October 2017 – London


For a full course outline or further information on any of the above please contact training@mango-solutions.com. To download an application form click here