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R Integration

In order to utilise the power of R within a complete analytic workflow, R must usually be integrated within other software and frameworks.

R is typically chosen as it provides some key analysis facility or graphic which is used as part of a more complex application, usually integrated into a business process and systems.

Whilst R might constitute a small but essential part of the application, there are better development frameworks than R itself and this page examines how R may be integrated with other software when R provides a key role in a larger application.

Mango has many years experience of R integration

Based on adaptations of MVP/MVVC models, Mango has many years experience of R integration in:

  • Presentation: close integration with JavaScript using jQuery and json data transport. Mango support HTML5 development and are always seeking new and innovative ways to allow users to view data imaginatively.
  • Business (Controller): We have extensive knowledge of working with R and other languages especially Java and C#. We believe that languages should be used where appropriate and therefore statistical modelling with R is extremely powerful but we use Java and .NET for Enterprise Solutions.
  • Data: The management of data is key, and many businesses require a clear audit trail from the start of an analysis to the final report. Mango have developed techniques that enable business to keep track of what happens to their data.

R is an important part of business solutions in today’s data-centric business world. R provides state of the art analytics that can be applied to your data within business systems.