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R Code Creation

We can help you with your advanced R programming requirements.

We have a team of  R programmers and developers who can assist with advanced statistical R programming requirements. Mango offers statistical R and also SAS programming services to clients worldwide; we help with the adoption of analytics and the promotion of fact-based decision making cultures. Our R programmers have considerable experience across many industry sectors and have developed R applications for many global brands.

R programming is challenging which is why it is worth investing in expert support. Outsourcing R programming requirements to Mango Solutions can save considerable amounts of time and cost without compromising on quality.

Our expertise with the techniques used in R programming includes:

  • Reading data from various source files
  • Evaluate the cumulative distribution function, the probability density function and the quintile function
  • Examining the distribution of a set of data: stem and leaf plot
  • One or two sample tests: box plot, t-test, F-test, two-sample Wilcoxon test, Two-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
  • Grouping, loops and conditional execution: if statements, for loops, repeat, and while loops
  • Writing R functions
  • Statistical modelling: regression analysis and the analysis of variance, generalized linear models, nonlinear regression models
  • Creating data graphics: High-level plotting functions, Low-level plotting functions, Interactive graphics functions
  • Accessing and installing R packages
  • Debugging
  • Organizing and commenting R code