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What is Push2Doc?

Push2Doc is a tool which allows users to insert pre-existing report items (graphs, images, tables and text) into a Word document.

Report items can be generated by the user’s tool or language of choice enabling Push2Doc to integrate seamlessly into the user’s workflow.

Push2Doc is a command line application which can be run on Windows via a batch file and on Linux via a shell script. Additionally, it can be invoked from another modelling language e.g. R, SAS, Matlab.

Push2Doc Usage

Push2Doc steps

  • Create tables and figure files for insertion
  • Create a Word (docx) template file
  • Call Push2Doc to create the Word document with insertions


  • Cross-platform:Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
  • Implemented in Java with no Microsoft Ofice dependancies


  • Simply call Java from a batch file (*.bat) or shell script (*.sh)
  • Self contained set of tools with no install other than Java