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Mango Interoperability Framework

The Mango Interoperability Framework (MIF) software provides an engine and set of web based services for managing an end to end provisioning and submission/execution solution.  This provides a way to reduce the overhead required in integrating various client applications with third party statistical and modelling tools on the following environments.

  • Distributed resource management system (e.g. Sun/Oracle Grid Engine)
  • Dedicated environment (e.g. SAS/Matlab) 

The core features allow for the:

  • Provisioning of files to a dedicated/grid environment
  • Execution of third party tools in a dedicated/grid environment
  • Monitoring of progress for completion
  • Collection of  summary information from running jobs

Clients can provision files to a grid environment (Sun Grid Engine/Open Grid Scheduler) or dedicated third party tool environment (SAS/Matlab) by copying files over a mounted Network File System (NFS) drive.  Integration with the following grids is possible through in-house customisation:

Clients can submit, execute and monitor jobs for the following third party tools:

  • R 2.13.1 +
  • NONMEM 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 (with MPI)
  • PsN 3.4.2/4.2.0/4.4.8 (VPC, SCM, Bootstrap)
  • SAS Dedicated Cluster
  • Matlab Dedicated Cluster

It is also possible to execute other PsN commands using the Mango Interoperability Framework Command Line Connector.

Mango Solutions are pleased to demonstrate how MIF can be utilised within your organisation upon request.