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Support & Maintenance

Mango Solutions is proud to be an ISO 9001 accredited business. ISO 9001 is the leading quality management framework and sets the standard for maximising customer satisfaction by continually improving the quality of products and services. This accreditation is a vote of confidence; not only in our quality management system (QMS), but also in how well its processes are adhered to.

The scope of our accreditation covers our four lines of business in the UK:

  • Customer Application Development
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Service delivery and support

Whilst methodologies are important, they do not guarantee quality: Only by adherence to methodology and procedures can quality be effectively demonstrated, acknowledged and confirmed. Mango has evolved its Quality Management System over many years and this is itself, subject to continuous improvement. Having customers in heavily regulated industries such as pharmaceutical development and financial services means that we too must comply with the stringent conditions placed upon them. Our QMS reflects our commitment to compliance with the requirements of this level of regulation.

You can be assured that quality is uppermost in the work we do and this is demonstrated by our ISO 9001 accredited QMS.