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Analytic Application Development

Businesses are increasingly aware that they already have the information needed to generate and maintain a competitive advantage.  The key to unlocking the strategic knowledge from these data-rich organisations is the application of appropriate predictive analytics.  The growth in the use of analytics to drive business has risen dramatically in recent years.  However, there are still barriers to accessing the vital insight from data.  The primary barriers are around the often-niche technologies required to apply these sophisticated analytic techniques and the skills to understand the most appropriate analyses and correctly interpret the results.

An organisation’s ability to adapt based on insight gained from these analytics is dependant on the speed at which vital information can be interpreted and placed into the hands of key decision makers.  Most companies will employ teams of statisticians or data scientists in order to perform analyses and deliver results on which decisions can be made; however, this process can be lengthy and can be hindered by technological and linguistic differences.


Mango are world leaders in the design and implementation of systems that place the right analytics directly in the hands of decision makers, enabling quick insight and allowing business users to make informed decisions.

The Mango team comprises a unique mix of applied statistical/mathematical consultants and software developers experienced in the creation of analytic-driven applications.  Mango’s flexible approach enables us to create systems that implement the most appropriate analyses and deliver them in the most effective manner  allowing decision makers to quickly digest, understand and act upon the predictive results.

Mango have designed analytic-driven applications to:

  • Optimise coffee-blends for a leading confectionary, food and beverage company
  • Predict possible pipeline failures for one of the world’s largest oil companies
  • Maximise income from telemarketing campaigns for a large retail banking company
  • Simulate the execution of costly clinical trials for a leading pharmaceutical company
  • Evaluate automated trading strategies for a large hedge fund
  • Analyse potential gameplans for a major sports franchise


Analytic Application Case Studies


Case Study: Mondelēz International – Upgrading a blend generator using R.

Mondelēz International were using a customized Roast Coffee Blend Generator system, integrated into an S-PLUS menu system. A desire to expand its use beyond coffee manufacturing meant that Mondelēz International needed to review upgrade options. The upgrade process would also need to allow for system improvements and minimize license costs.

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Campden BRI

Case Study: Campden BRI – Using a R to improve efficiency and flexibility of sensory analysis systems.

After years of improving and adding additional features, the internal analysis systems had come to rely on a ‘jigsaw of legacy code’. The system had become restrictive, and could not provide additional analysis options that were required. A more open code was needed to provide flexibility and new options for client requirements. Campden BRI also wanted to automate the routine analysis to make it more efficient and more user friendly for use across all Campden BRI sites.

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