Grids, Clouds and HPC Services

Organisations are looking to deploy cutting edge analytics on an operational scale to large numbers of users. However creating, testing and supporting environments for analytics can be awkward and expensive. This is especially true when analytics are employed in a changing environment that necessitates frequent changes.

The Cloud is an opportunity for organisations to quickly and easily spin up new analytical environments for end users , thus reducing costs and structural issues around support. However, cloud providers often have little or no knowledge of how analytics are developed and deployed or insist on proposing their own solution to the issue.

Historically this would involve setting up grids to allow for large jobs to be catered for. The growth in cloud based IT environments presents an opportunity and a challenge to IT and analytic teams who must effectively use these techniques to create and deploy ever more complex platforms for users. Mango’s customers cover the whole range of analytic requirements from thousands of scheduled, small routines, to massive, ad hoc modelling environments. This has given us unique insights into the technologies available and the ways in which deployments should be specified and created.

Mango’s work in industries with strict data challenges and protocols has meant we have had to create and adopt stringent guidelines around the storage, use and handling of customer data. Additionally we have created environments that are able to shield and manage the data effectively whilst allowing easy access for secure usage. Mango has procedures that govern the installation and testing of analytic softwares that can be re-utilised for customers’ environments.

Assistance Mango provides to customers includes:

  • Specification of environments including resource specification and allocation
  • Design of environments and use cases
  • Liaison with HPC and Cloud providers, ensuring all parties understand and agree on deliverables
  • Creation of Proof of Concept environments to guide internal specification and strategic decision making
  • Supporting analytic professionals so that their effort is spent on providing cutting edge analytics to their customers rather than learning about external IT environments
  • Ensuring that smooth and simple access is delivered whilst providing intuitive management tools to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and correctly
  • Implementation including provisioning, installation support and documentation
  • Support – including upgrading of analytic tools when patches and upgrades become available whilst advising when upgrades are beneficial

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