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Big Data

Different Data Sources, Structured/Unstructured – What to do?

Big Data is a crucial theme for managers and decision makers now. Today’s society is increasingly taking place online, creating huge amounts of digital data, both structured and unstructured, which creates opportunities and challenges alike.

Accessing diverse data sources for analysis remains a key issue but today’s managers and analysts are frequently faced with an additional issue of what analyses should be performed and what is the most effective way of running them.  Putting data analytics into the hands of the right analysts can create a massive competitive advantage.

Traditionally the answer to big data problems would be to buy bigger servers and optimise the data for analysis. Today this is a component of the approach but organisations are having to look at Big Data holistically rather than as piecemeal technology challenges. This is due to the timescales and the scope of analyses. Analysts need to perform timely analysis and are often unable to wait for data to become organised and available from IT teams.

Softwares such as Hadoop, hive and PIG can provide some of the answers in processing data fast whilst existing database providers such as Oracle and Teradata also have options. However the choice of software is dependent upon a number of factors and this is one of the key areas that mango can assist customers in making the right strategic choice.

A key approach is to optimise across different areas such as IT, Softwares, processes and data. Without a clear strategy and focus on business goals a big data initiative may become an unproductive exercise. All aspects of the big data initiative need to be understood and documented in order to agree on high level goals. Once these goals are set then components of the big data platform can be identified and specified. A key theme across these areas is the need for flexibility to be embedded at the heart of any solution to allow for easy changes when data sources alter or requirements change. Locking into a big data platform that is inflexible can do more harm than good.

Mango’s consulting team have a wide range of experience across many sectors and companies and this allows a rounded perspective to be brought to bear on your issues.