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Sports Analysis

As the sports world becomes ever more competitive, teams and individuals are looking for something to give them an edge. Technical specification for equipment is at an all-time level of specialisation, new healthcare techniques are fed into training programmes and increasing amounts of data are being created.

In order to optimise performance, this data can be used to produce analysis that can guide sports behaviours and tactics in a wide variety of sports and events.

Areas of interest for sporting analysts can include:

  • Competitive analysis – oppositions are studied to identify areas of strength and weakness.
  • Physiological analysis – to ensure players are performing at peak fitness and help determine what expectations can be made of them.
  • Tactical analysis – identification of game plays or groups of moves and strategies that may be most effectively deployed together.

The use of statistical analysis is not widely understood by teams and management and it is still a brave leader of a team who puts all faith in statistical analysis, but it is particularly effective in identifying counter logical assumptions and providing evidence to base strategies on.

Mango’s consulting team have worked with a number of sporting organisations to identify areas of deep statistical influence which continue to provide an edge to these teams.

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