Life Sciences

Drug development is a prohibitively expensive and time intensive industry. It can take 20 years for a drug to reach the market and the cost of the average drug developed by a major pharmaceutical company is at least $4 billion. Mango Solutions assists pharmaceutical and biotech companies by providing services and systems that reduce the time to market and make drug development more effective.

We use a combination of software, consultancy and training in order to streamline approaches and efficiencies. The Pharmaceutical industry and their research function in particular, are heavily regulated due to the possible impacts on human lives. This means that analysis is carefully monitored and controlled and it is important that any work can be easily repeated. One of Mango’s key abilities is working with data to allow the production of more intuitive research whilst ensuring that our work falls within FDA regulations and provides an audit trail.

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Mango’s work in the pharmaceutical arena has led to the development of a robust internal set of quality procedures that are used to guide development and work. This ensures the validity of Mango’s applications for customers. Pharmaceutical companies tend to be large to maximise their economies of scale. This size means that often groups work in therapeutic areas without necessarily cross referencing with colleagues. Mango has worked with groups to increase their reach and their reputation across all areas. By sharing knowledge and information across groups the company is able to maximise their drug development process. The types of work that we are involved with include:

  • Assisting teams in different phases with statistical analysis and reporting
  • Assisting modelling groups in linking different analysis platforms
  • Producing applications that enable statistical programmers to easily distribute their work in reports
  • Exploring new technologies and methodologies and advising on their suitability within regulatory frameworks
  • Embedding complex statistical algorithms into other applications including the creation of brand new specific applications
  • Producing training courses

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Mango Solutions software applications developed for the pharmaceutical industry include:




We have a number of Case Studies that highlight different aspects of work we have done in the Life Sciences sector:

Case Studies

AbbVie – R for Pharmacometrics Training

Upsher Smith Laboratories (USL) – Grid Controller

Pfizer – Data Cleaning / Curating Project