Testimonials - Mango Solutions


We can boast about how good we are but the best measure of our products and services can be gauged from clients. We are very grateful to the following for their comments and for allowing us to share them:


 “An accurate evaluation of drug safety depends upon the availability of tools like iNCAS which enables the review of findings across nonclinical clinical species and the integration of such results with PK/PD data in humans. iNCAS brings the safety review process to the 21st Century.”

Oscar della Pasqua, Director, CPMS, GlaxoSmithKline


“People who took the course remarked that this was the most effective statistical software training that they had ever received”

Raymond Miller, Executive Director, Daiichi Sankyo Inc


ModSpace has become an integral part of the day to day working in the M&S team at Novartis”

Martin Spendiff, Novartis


“Mango provided training, help with particular queries and then excellent support to set up the R-linux set-up which we needed for our analyses. It has been really good to know that we can count on them if anything goes wrong and also to help with developing our future.”

Ana Maria Madrigal, Hymans Robertson


“I have found Mango a great team to work with. In the first instance they spent time getting to fully understand our work and aims, which enabled them to deliver a versatile software solution which met our needs. The Mango team were professional and seemed dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction”

Elaine Allchurch, Data Analyst, Campden BRI, Department of Consumer and Sensory Science


“Working with the Mango project team on this project was a pleasure. During the natural ups & downs of building such a complex application they were open to development ideas, continually clarified requirements, managed the project to the agreed timeline and more importantly delivered an excellent end product which is a shining example of the benefit of collaboration.”

Jeff Stagg, Principal Scientist, Global Applied Statistics, Mondelez


Attending the training course has taken 6 months off of my R learning curve. Location, course materials and lecturers could not be faulted. Based on this experience I would recommend Mango Solutions to peers.

Adrian Johnston


“The best course I’ve been on recently (and I’ve been on three!), very well organised! Well done”

Ali Rudd, Centre of Ecology and Hydrology


“I appreciated the training I was able to attend.  The presentation, organization, level of discussion, etc. were all excellent.  This has contributed significantly to my becoming productive in R.”

Joel S. Owen, Ph.D., R.Ph.  Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics


“I just want to say thank you all so much for helping to set this up for me and making me feel so welcome. It was a great day and it was brilliant to finally get to grips with Shiny. The teacher was fantastic and I picked up so much. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with my new shiny skills!”

Catie Gamble, Site Speed Analyst, M&S