Case Studies


Case Study: R for Pharmacometrics Training

Mango Solutions are experts in the language of R and have spent 15 years establishing relationships within the Pharmaceutical sector and providing Pharmacometrics training to PK/PD, Pharmacometrics, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics teams globally. Having developed and maintained a trusted business partnership, AbbVie have now approached Mango on a number of occasions to provide training to new team members and develop the knowledge of existing staff.

Taught to teams with varying degrees in knowledge levels of R and class sizes, Mango’s R for Pharmacometrics training courses are designed with AbbVie’s PK/PD/PM scientists in mind.

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Upsher Smith Laboratories (USL)

Case Study: Grid Controller

USL had limited capacity for Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis. Being computationally intensive and with the group utilising just a single analysis computer shared between all users, this set up was very limiting, particularly in the size and scope of analyses that could be performed in a timely manner.
Mango created a four node Open Grid Scheduler in a cloud environment (MS Azure) that enables USL to perform PKPD modelling activities using PsN and NONMEM. This is integrated with Active Directory for ease of access for modellers, Open Message Passing Interface and Pirana – USL’s current modelling user interface tool.

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Case Study: Pfizer Data Cleaning / Curating Project

Since 2006, Pfizer has been developing literature databases covering more than 70 disease indications.  They use a third party provider to extract data from publically available information sources (e.g. journals, conference proceedings) to digitize into standardized datasets.  As the majority of the data cleaning and curation process was still a manual process, Pfizer required a user friendly (yet easily modifiable by the end user) application to assist with this data cleaning and curation process.  Mango worked with Pfizer to understand and prioritise features of the application and delivered many of these initial features plus more than the original requirements in a proof of concept stage using the R framework for web applications: Shiny.

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Campden BRI

Case Study: Campden BRI – Using a R to improve efficiency and flexibility of sensory analysis systems.

After years of improving and adding additional features, the internal analysis systems had come to rely on a ‘jigsaw of legacy code’. The system had become restrictive, and could not provide additional analysis options that were required. A more open code was needed to provide flexibility and new options for client requirements. Campden BRI also wanted to automate the routine analysis to make it more efficient and more user friendly for use across all Campden BRI sites.

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Case Study: Mondelēz International – Upgrading a blend generator using R.

Mondelēz International were using a customized Roast Coffee Blend Generator system, integrated into an S-PLUS menu system. A desire to expand its use beyond coffee manufacturing meant that Mondelēz International needed to review upgrade options. The upgrade process would also need to allow for system improvements and minimize license costs.

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