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About Mango

Mango Solutions* Ltd provide complex analysis solutions, consulting, training, and application development for some of the largest companies in the world. Founded and based in UK in 2002, the company offers a number of bespoke products for data analysis including validation of open-source software for regulated industries.

Our Name

The observant browser of this site may have noticed a slightly incongruous cat theme.  The reason for this is that Mango Solutions was named after Managing Director Matt’s cat, Mango (now sadly deceased).

When brainstorming potential names for their new company, Matt and Rich toyed with various options to describe the company’s services and raison d’etre.  All were boring and unimaginative and Matt’s initially jokey suggestion that they might as well name it after his cat, seemed as good a suggestion as any other. So we are Mango.


Mango offers a tailored service that dovetails into existing infrastructures, technologies and cultures. Mango has a range of statistical, mathematical and IT consultants who provide a broad range of solutions to customers. By combining different skill sets, we offer tailored applications that reflect individual customer requirements reinforced by our professional support team. Companies increasingly require complex decisions to be made by groups of users drawing from complex analysis. Mango believes that the results of such analysis should be effective and easy to use. We engage in all aspects of project work from statistical outsourcing to application building and delivery.


Mango provides a range of consulting options from ongoing consultative engagements to smaller one-off projects or tasks. Examples of our consultancy work include:

  • Analysis of a customer’s data
  • Statistical programming
  • Database modelling and optimizing
  • Business consultancy, assistance and advice
  • Code maintenance/updating of legacy code
  • Validation services

R Services and Training

Mango Solutions are experts in the open source data analysis programming language, R. We provide high quality public and private training courses for customers as diverse as Ebay, HSBC and GlaxoSmithKline. We offer R consultancy and validation services and host R user group meetings in London, Basel, Zurich, Manchester, Shanghai and New Jersey.


Mango’s application development incorporates specific and tailored functionality to provide high performance, customised applications. We have developed fully customizable software applications that increase efficiency gains, improve work flow and provide excellent reporting facilities.


Mango Solutions offers specialized support of business critical applications. We have been developing and supporting bespoke applications for over 13 years.


Mango Solutions offers a unique opportunity to develop within a dynamic company which has been expanding rapidly and profitably since its inception in 2002. We work across a wide range of different industry sectors and have an excellent reputation for quality work. If you think you have the skills necessary to join us, please submit your CV and covering letter to careers@mango-solutions.com


* Mango Solutions is the trading name of Mango Business Solutions Limited.